"The book is painful, practical, powerful."

Dr. Micah Davidson, Pastor Real Life
Jim was the guy who did everything “right.” He was a spiritual leader in one of the largest congregations in the Northeast, the go-to guy when others needed advice. Yet he nearly destroyed his marriage by having an affair with one of his wife’s best friends.
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Available Oct. 18, 2022

Hope is Where the Heart Is

Jim & Shannon Pourteau

Hope and conquest, loss and renewal, Jim Pourteau’s life is a beacon for people looking to reclaim their own. Surviving an unstable childhood marked by eleven stepfathers, he found a lifeline in his high school sweetheart, Shannon, and a calling to the ministry. With their move from Houston to Connecticut, Shannon worked in real estate while Jim served as a youth and staff pastor. He went on to serve at one of the fastest growing churches in America before their relationship was torn apart by infidelity. Suffering a crisis of faith, Jim resigned from his church, surrendered his ordination, and left to work for his father before Shannon discovered hope, setting them on a path of reconciliation.
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Table of Content

A Message for Every Reader

Kenny Mauck
Founder and former president of Lifecare Family Services, author of Leaving Your Life Imprint
"This is a phenomenal book! The true story of a marriage that had every reason to fail yet was miraculously restored by God’s grace and His enduring mercy."
  • Part I: Looking for the Right Road
    I Love You, but I’m Not in Love with You
    We Are All Messed Up
    Divorce Fallout
  • Part II: The Marriage of My Dreams
    Spiritual Awakening
    Rock Solid
    The Woman of My Dreams
    Naive Preparations
    Gun Smoke
    Louisiana Wedding
  • Part III: This Wouldn't Happen to Us
    How Could This Happen?
    Choices Have Consequences
    Youthful Energy
    A “Family” at Last
  • Part IV: Bad Things Happen
    When the Golden Rule Doesn’t Work
    Addicted to “Love”
    Moving in a Dangerous Direction
    Crossing the Line
  • Part V: Exposed
    Be Still and Know
    Living with the Lie
    Coping and Conflicted
    Running from God—Running to God
    Breakup Breakdown
  • Part VI: Falling Back in Love
    Reaching Out
    A Safe Place
    Game Changer
    Rebuilding Trust
    Hoodwinked or God­Smacked?
  • Part VII: Renewed Trust
    Who, Me? A Marriage Helper?
    So, What Can I Do?
    Limerence—the Little­Known Lure
    Is There Hope?
    The Hero Is Shannon

"The book is raw and real. Jim takes the reader into the depths of darkness, abuse, dysfunction, and secrets. However, he doesn’t leave the reader in the valley. The book dips down into the depths of darkness and then lifts the reader to a new level of life and living. It is painful, practical, and powerful."

Dr. Micah Davidson

Pastor Real Life, author, leadership development

"Hope Is Where the Heart Is offers a new paradigm for creating healthy relationships. Jim’s vivid storytelling transported me into his world of dimples, dents, and dings in a refreshingly transparent way, breaking free from traditionalism and propelling the reader into self-examination and transformation. I recommend this book to anyone wanting a stronger relationship and to those who have been wounded by another—especially if you are losing or have lost hope."

Becky Spieth

CBC, founding partner of the John Maxwell Team

"In a time when many people give up on relationships far too quickly, Jim and Shannon Pourteau prove that it is possible to put life back together, even after devastating failure and disappointment.

Tim Clinton

Ed.D., president, American Association of Christian Counselors, Co-Host, Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, executive director, Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery

"Hope is the earnest expectation of a brighter tomorrow. Jim and Shannon share their personal journey in this hard-hitting book, sharing their challenges and struggles to hold their covenant of marriage together. When faith seemed lost and love seemed to have let go, hope stood firm. This book is for those whose situations look bleak and are wondering if there is still a chance for their marriage to make it. It’s message of hope is truly where the heart is."

Chris Rollins

DISC executive master trainer, keynote speaker, and bestselling author
Hope is Where the Heart Is

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“What would I do in a similar situation? How can I better handle betrayal and rejection?” Most of all, it will evoke the question, “What really matters?” Whether you have a great marriage, or your relationship is in trouble, Jim and Shannon’s story offers a different approach to facing your challenges. Within these pages, you will find one of life’s most valuable assets—hope!

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