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A life devoted to helping people.

With three decades of leadership development experience – first in professional ministry, now as an experienced business trainer and sought-after personal life coach, Jim Pourteau has followed a deep and rewarding life calling. Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana before spending his teenage years in Houston, he always knew he wanted to help people, considering medical school before attending seminary. Jim devoted twenty plus years as a minister before transitioning into helping people achieve their own greatest God-given potential in all areas of their life. He has led, and continues to lead leadership training for Churches and corporate clients, such as the NCAA, Columbia University, and Chick-Fil-A.
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Hope is Where the Heart Is

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“What would I do in a similar situation? How can I better handle betrayal and rejection?” Most of all, it will evoke the question, “What really matters?” Whether you have a great marriage, or your relationship is in trouble, Jim and Shannon’s story offers a different approach to facing your challenges. Within these pages, you will find one of life’s most valuable assets—hope!

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